tuesday, november 26
11:58:24 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
i go home tomorrow for thanksgiving. it's amazing how quickly this semester has gone. let's consider some of the goals that i set in September and see how i did (listed in the arbitrary order in which i remember stuff):

1. Talk my way out of my remaining requirements: Successfully begged and dealed my way out of the language requirement, however it seems that the fortress that is the science department is not quite as manipulable. Grade: B+

2. Branch out of NYC/Frosh year social cliques; Find new groups: Fox Leadership and the UCS are fantastic. Yay for diversity. Grade: A-

3. Make a modicum of effort to stay on Penn campus on weekends: Done (for the most part), but ...
3a. Talk lazy-ass friends into doing stuff more interesting than usual weekend activities/Get them off campus: More successful than in the past, but there's still a lot of growth to be waited on. My friends' social development is kind of in that LA Clippers we're-getting-there-but-not-quite-yet-mode. Thank you Lerman, Lance and Givner for being the reliable Elton Brand(s) to Pattner and co.'s Lamar Odom. Grade (3):B+; Grade (3a): B-

4. Blog everyday: Not even close. Grade: D # Comments []

tuesday, november 19
11:42:30 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
"[Shaquille] O'Neal has said he would only play if Phil Jackson is chosen as coach. On Sunday, after hearing that [76ers coach Larry] Brown was reportedly the leading candidate, O'Neal said his knee will be hurting in 2004." -AP USA Basketball Report on Recruiting Players for 2004 Olympics # Comments []

11:43:08 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
isn't it about time those hanson kids start doing porn? # Comments []

friday, october 25
2:00:57 AM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
Alto Entertainment's biography of Jenna Jameson lists her hobbies as "Shopping, Water Skiing & Sex." You know, call me old fashioned, but in today's jaded society, it's really wonderful to see a girl who lists her profession among her hobbies.

(I am actually researching Ms. Jameson to be used as a reference and comparison point for a presentation I am giving tomorrow morning on female softcore pornography. I love college.) # Comments []

tuesday, october 22
12:56:34 AM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
five minutes to 1 am, and i have 1 page out of 4 complete. and it's not even good. looks like it might be a long night. i've switched from Rosengarten Laptops to Rosengarten Workstations, but the only one available was the Workstation With The Fan That's Broken. So now i have to deal with a buzzing noise for the next couple hours. This night really eats it... # Comments []

12:59:07 AM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
YES! i fixed the buzzing noise on the computer's fan. things are looking up. # Comments []

1:00:58 AM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
Buzzing noise is back. grr.. # Comments []

1:11:35 AM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
does anybody else ever wonder what the hell those videos are that people always seem to have to watch in rosengarten? they're always in black and white with like freakish monsters jumping out every five seconds. and then there's always the crazy violent white man, usually someone's husband. honestly, what class is this for? # Comments []

monday, october 21
11:49:02 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
monday night and i'm in the library procrastinating. i have a four-page paper for my japanese class due tomorrow and i can't concentrate because it's fucking feeding time at the rosengarten zoo. i have nothing to say right now, i can't make coherent thoughts into sentences. # Comments []

11:50:29 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
i'm working at a mac tonight and i noticed that this website looks like shit on a mac. i'll probably never find the time to optimize it for both browsers, so if you have a mac and you're reading this, go look at it on a pc. # Comments []

sunday, october 20
2:35:07 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
saw Reel Big Fish last nite with Lance, and i am still coming down. after last night, i have decided that everyone should see a punk/ska show with Lance, because you get to hear him spit out such gems as "these are all of the people i avoided in high school, together in one room" and "there is not a single attractive person in this room - not one." Lance, perhaps the single preppiest kid i know, skanked his ass off all nite in a gray sweater that was as close to punk as he can be, and he might've even had a better time than me. RBF was solid all night, but it was The Starting Line, playing to their largest crowd ever in their hometown of Philly, that completely stole the show. Kenny looked like some kind of Huggy Bear up there on stage with his bleach blonde hair and albino-colored skin, and everything was fantastic. Lance and I were without question the oldest people in the pit by two years, minimum. Sidenote: philly punks think they're all tough with their piercings and haircuts, it's so cute. i wanted to wrap one up with me and take her home in a doggy bag. ... that doesn't sound right.... # Comments []

2:38:17 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
"reciprocity" and "mosh pit" do normally come together, but there's something about the philly scene that's just different. the pits were as loud and rowdy as any i've seen before (except "Live" at Hammerstein, in November, 2000 - their fans are fucking nuts), but the difference is that here, when the kiddies fell down mid-skank, someone always stopped to help him up. It was like they were saying "everyone's gonna get hurt, but we don't want anyone to get hurt." Maybe you had to be there, but i was actually kinda touched by this display of bizarre safety measure in an otherwise aggresion-filled room. # Comments []

thursday, october 17
9:37:24 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
how is it that i can derive a feeling of guilt for not posting to a website that no one actually reads? this must be another one of my genetic jewthings. # Comments []

9:49:36 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
college teaches prioritizing...
i failed a quiz today. it was for my japanese literature and drama class and the quiz consisted of matching japanese terms and japanese poems. i don't know japanese, and like 95% of my class does, so the odds are against me and therefore clearly not worth killing myself over 2.5% of my grade (yes 2.5%). in the time that i would have spent studying, i read Boniface VIII's Unam Sanctum, which was far more interesting than trying to remember if the Tale of Genji is in the Man'yoshu (it isn't). for the record i like my Japanese Lit + Drama class a lot, i just don't like the 10% of the grade that is based on quiz scores. The quizzes are mindless tasks of memorization, as opposed to the papers and reading, which are creative and interesting. # Comments []

10:02:55 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
i can't remember if i've already done this bit...
without sounding like an Old Navy ad... every fucking thing has a hood on it now. hooded sweatshirts, hooded jackets, hooded t-shirts, hooded fucking tuxedos. you know how we all make fun of Gen X'ers for the sideways ponytails and hideously loud shirts they wore during the '80s? well i guarantee those hoods are going to be the first thing we'll all laugh at in 10 years. i swear i'm going to have kids who will look through my college photos and wonder why it rained so much in the post-90's era that we needed to constantly wear head protection. this is easily the most idiotic trend since wearing hiking boots year-round was really big in '93. # Comments []

10:13:55 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
ok i admit it: Nelly Furtado's "Turn Out the Light" is really well produced. the opening bass line sounds like a better version of that horrendous guilty pleasure "come my lady, come come my lady" by Unknown White PseudoRap Group like two summers ago. my love-hate relationship with pure pop music has been pretty much all angst since Take That released a third greatest hits collection, but this song isn't all bad. On a separate note, I think that Nelly Furtado, by selling her versatility as a musician (pop music, rap collaborations with Lil' Kim, and even a couple producer credits on the last three Now! collections), has a better chance to maintain her fanbase than Britney and Christina do when the pilates kick fades and they get fat. # Comments []

10:20:57 PM                                                   posted by Blake Stuchin  
ok i checked (you knew i would). the song is called "Butterfly" and it's by Crazytown. The group's follow-up album is coming out on November 12th, a date which - to those whose grasp of the christian calendar is at least moderately competent - is not in the summer. I hope this album tanks like Turn It Upside Down and Fairweather Johnson. # Comments []


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