Monday, September 17, 2007
The watch of champions

(12:39:56) Blake Stuchin: what about sand
(12:40:04) Blake Stuchin: what if you had a watch with sand grains
(12:40:06) Blake Stuchin: that would work
(12:40:09) Dave Lerman: ooh, sand is good
(12:40:13) Blake Stuchin: and sand could be very in next fall
(12:40:16) Dave Lerman: i'd have to hold my arms steady
(12:40:18) Blake Stuchin: sand is the new black
(12:40:25) Dave Lerman: hahaha
(12:40:25) Blake Stuchin: that would improve strength
(12:40:27) Blake Stuchin: it's a win-win
(12:40:35) Dave Lerman: it would be a statement
(12:40:44) Dave Lerman: i'm so masculine - i tell the time with DIRT
(12:41:05) Dave Lerman: i could have a computer based sun-dial outside with light phospors on a sensor that emails my blackberry every minute with the time
(12:41:10) Dave Lerman: granted, the bberry has a clock
(12:41:14) Dave Lerman: but that's missing the point
(12:41:15) Blake Stuchin: any hedge fund guy can wear a normal watch, but only the smartest bankers can wear sand
(12:41:23) Dave Lerman: i like it


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