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ABC News goes for the hard issues

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

ABC News has an unintentionally hilarious piece running right now about the growing cult popularity of Yo Gabba Gabba! The headline and subhead: “Nickelodeon Cartoon Draws Unusual Fans: Some College Kids Say They Get High Before Watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!” Even better is the SEO-friendly title tag on the article: ABC News: Nickelodeon Show for Kids or Stoners?

Unfortunately the article contains no mention of The Soup, Joel McHale, or Nathaniel who likes to dance.

xoxo, ad campaign

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

It’s coming kiddies… I saw these ads on the side of a bodega on my way to work this morning. Hollywood Reporter has some details on it. And while I doubt anyone around here is giving them a second thought, I’d love to know where else in the country the CW is running this campaign. You know you love me.

Bullets over Blake

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Two months ago, I bought a Magic Bullet blender after being mesmerized by the infomercial. I’m a shameless consumer, albeit a self-aware one, so I blame my girlfriend for going away that weekend, somehow causing me to wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning and leaving me defenseless in watching Bullet-produced beverages tantalize my tastebuds. But I digress.

The Magic Bullet is the best blender ever. I like it the way Apple fanboys like their iPods. I like it the way Star Fans fanatics like their Boba Fett. I like it the way hipsters like their Casios. And I don’t even know how to use the juicer yet.

Now there’s a cordless version. Why is this better? I have no idea. But I’m a fan. And if I wake up too early this weekend, I might soon own another blender with a detachable power base. Natch.

great moments in awkward script reading

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Dick Enberg“They said it was impossible for an underdog to go the distance, but then again they said it was impossible to get real Coke taste and zero calories and now there’s Coke Zero.” -Dick Enberg, uncomfortably reading a sponsor message after a stop in play during the UNC-Washington St. game

hi you’re live

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

holy robin byrd show, batman. american idol contestants now answer viewer questions from the couch on the results show. i normally fast forward through these things so perhaps i’m behind the curve here, but when did this start happening? is fox trying to turn ryan seacrest into a cross between larry king and the early 90’s star of channel 35? gotta go, want to catch the rest of this feature on no longer famous former contestant kimberly locke. they’re showing her inside of a restaurant in westchester. maybe she works there now.


Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

i’m pretty sure gossip girl uses wordpress.

her blog’s heavy on rich media, sports nearly 100% RSS saturation (producing more vibrations on freshmen girls than a swiffer), and updates with the efficiency of a twitter addict at CES. Or Davos. and thank you faux Lycée Français for the open wi-fi that she’s tapping in to in order to fire off in-class updates. it’s a pretty robust platform, and yet totally possible. you don’t even need ues-level spending to build it.

so if gg can be moderately legit with their IT, why is it so hard to keep it real with the nyc? come on disembodied voice of kristen bell, why is your team shooting in cooper square and pretending like you’re next to a high school that’s clearly on 93rd between Park and Madison? it’s not like you don’t know better, gossip girl - you sent chuck to butai and referenced sake at decibel in the same episode. (at least you had the decency to keep your namechecks subtle; i’m running out of places in my neighborhood that i still like.) i’d dance on the nuances further, but i’ll leave the heavy lifting and further nyc private school love to nymag. xoxo, b.

Things I Learned from Children’s Television

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

in response to this fascinating article about the first two seasons of sesame street in the sunday magazine (which I check out while she looks at Arts & Leisure), a few thoughts on things that i’ve learned from children’s television.

1) i remember thinking it was a bit weird that no one else could see snuffleufugus except big bird. but around that same time that snuffleufugus was suddenly visible to the rest of the world, the gummi bears premiered on the disney afternoon. a group of product placed candies who save each other from harm by drinking “magic juice” that suddenly makes them all powerful and crap? i was six years old being all like “i’ll buy the blue people with marshmellows for heads” but these gummi bears are crazy.

2) cookie monster being some kind of strung out, cookies-are-my-meth-type addict never bothered me much, probably because at that age the idea of eating nothing but cookies did not seem unusual to me (it seemed desirable, in fact). is this bad? would i eat more vegetables had i watched vanessa the vegan teach me the benefit of living on a raw food diet starting at age 4? for the sake of entertainment, i hope not.

3) speaking of great children’s programming, this reminds me of the fact that the muppets actually premiered on saturday night live and were only redeveloped into children’s characters because no one wanted them on the show. michael o’donoghue was quoted in miller and shales’ “live from new york,” as saying “i don’t write for felt.” what a great line.

Last Person Watching

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Has there ever been a bigger trainwreck to a live reality TV finale show than Wednesday’s conclusion to Last Comic Standing? What happened to this once watchable program? The show hasn’t had any credibility in the comedy world since Dat Phan won the first season, but at least they’ve traditionally had good talent leading up the finals. The first four seasons brought us Rich Vos, Todd Glass, Kathleen Madigan, Alonzo Bodden and Jay London. Even Gary Gulman seemed funny when I first saw him do his I-am-a-gigantic-Jew routine. And at this year’s auditions we got the amazing comedic stylings of Mel Silverback, the world’s first stand up gorilla, whose act was easily the best two minutes of the entire season.

But back to the atrocious season finale of this year’s garbage fest. After eliminating all the good performers in the early rounds (thanks America!) we were left with the funny-when-you-can-understand-him LaVell Crawford, and the not-very-funny-but-certainly-quite-excitable Jon Reep. The two hour I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Cable schlockfest featured special guest performers Carrot Top, a bunch of puppets, and some guy whose entire act is an impression of John Madden. I couldn’t make that up if I wanted to. This is NBC, the network that gave Jerry Seinfeld a show, and this is the best that they could come up with for guests on their season finale. Carrot Top? Really? Was Sinbad not available? And the guy who did the impression of John Madden… I spend half my week thinking about fantasy football and I don’t even find that guy funny.

Oh and Dane Cook! They had Dane Cook! The internet loves Dane Cook! What does this say about the LCS season finale that it was so grossly unwatchable that I found myself actually thinking “gee Dane Cook is coming up at least he’s a real comic, maybe he’ll be good.” And I hate Dane Cook. But I digress… so when Dane Cook came on, he didn’t even do his act, he just showed a clip of his new movie with Jessica Alba, did 30 seconds of unrehearsed talk show style blather with Bill Bellamy, and then walked out. I actually felt cheated. What’s worse - thinking that I was about to see totally unfunny stand up from totally unfunny Dane Cook, or actually feeling gipped that totally unfunny Dane Cook didn’t even bother to do totally unfunny stand up, he just stood there.

Thank God they gave five minutes to Robert Schimmel. At least one person at NBC still understands that if you’re going to do a show about stand up comedy, it helps to have funny comedians.

TVSquad panned the episode, too.

Reasons to Watch Television

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Source: VH1

I love reality television. Hell, I support reality television. Surreal Life Fame Games is a joy. Sure, watching it makes me feel a little bit worse about myself as a person and about how I choose to spend my time with my expensive education. But I also learned that I thankfully do not have the low self esteem of CeCe Deville, the rage of Vanilla Ice, or the complete bitchiness of Verne Troyer. Surreal Life Fame Games has taught me that minor celebrities have no sense of irony, unless they get naked for a living and apparently appeared on the cover of a Girls Gone Wild music collection. I know what you’re thinking… Joe Francis has a record label? Is it better than (Answer: No. Nothing is better than Save the 90’s except maybe the newly released Monster Ballads Platinum Edition.

Tonight I watched the Surreal Life Fame Games celebrity phone bank challenge, where the B list cast was asked to call their B list friends and get them to call them back. Among the “stars” who called back… Frank Stallone. Joey Buttafuco. And big-time star, Carrot Top. No word on whether Carrot Top’s crazy muscles called back, too. Do you think you can book Ron Jeremy just to name drop people for an hour? Because I’d pay $12 for that.

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