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I’ve created a monster

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

This year I’m doing a fantasy football league with my friends and their girlfriends. It’s a 12 owner league, 7 guys and 5 girls, and of the 12 people, 8 of them are new to fantasy football. As a lender, my goal is to manage risk. Risk of capital, risk of litigation, risk of emotional stress. In terms of my ego, creating this fantasy league is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.

Best case scenario, all that happens is that I win this league and I get accused of beating up on a bunch of newbies. Far more likely, however, is that I will be horribly humiliated. Even if I come in second place, I’ll never hear the end of it. Personally, no good can come of this, but hey it’s fun to do stuff with friends.

Meanwhile, the newbies are getting into the league and I fear that I’ve created a monster. Two weeks into the season and we’re already getting arguments over trade vetoes, smack talk, and a whole lot of emotional ups and downs. I’m sitting at the top at 2-0 right now, but I expect to spend the better part of this Sunday cursing Andre Johnson’s knee and wishing bad things upon Peyton Manning. Stupid laser rocket arm.

The watch of champions

Monday, September 17th, 2007

(12:39:56) Blake Stuchin: what about sand
(12:40:04) Blake Stuchin: what if you had a watch with sand grains
(12:40:06) Blake Stuchin: that would work
(12:40:09) Dave Lerman: ooh, sand is good
(12:40:13) Blake Stuchin: and sand could be very in next fall
(12:40:16) Dave Lerman: i’d have to hold my arms steady
(12:40:18) Blake Stuchin: sand is the new black
(12:40:25) Dave Lerman: hahaha
(12:40:25) Blake Stuchin: that would improve strength
(12:40:27) Blake Stuchin: it’s a win-win
(12:40:35) Dave Lerman: it would be a statement
(12:40:44) Dave Lerman: i’m so masculine - i tell the time with DIRT
(12:41:05) Dave Lerman: i could have a computer based sun-dial outside with light phospors on a sensor that emails my blackberry every minute with the time
(12:41:10) Dave Lerman: granted, the bberry has a clock
(12:41:14) Dave Lerman: but that’s missing the point
(12:41:15) Blake Stuchin: any hedge fund guy can wear a normal watch, but only the smartest bankers can wear sand
(12:41:23) Dave Lerman: i like it

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