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what’s in a name

Monday, January 28th, 2008

(15:05:45) Dave Lerman: question
(15:05:52) Dave Lerman: do you think of me as a “david” or a “dave”
(15:06:04) Blake Stuchin: lerman


Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

i’m pretty sure gossip girl uses wordpress.

her blog’s heavy on rich media, sports nearly 100% RSS saturation (producing more vibrations on freshmen girls than a swiffer), and updates with the efficiency of a twitter addict at CES. Or Davos. and thank you faux Lycée Français for the open wi-fi that she’s tapping in to in order to fire off in-class updates. it’s a pretty robust platform, and yet totally possible. you don’t even need ues-level spending to build it.

so if gg can be moderately legit with their IT, why is it so hard to keep it real with the nyc? come on disembodied voice of kristen bell, why is your team shooting in cooper square and pretending like you’re next to a high school that’s clearly on 93rd between Park and Madison? it’s not like you don’t know better, gossip girl - you sent chuck to butai and referenced sake at decibel in the same episode. (at least you had the decency to keep your namechecks subtle; i’m running out of places in my neighborhood that i still like.) i’d dance on the nuances further, but i’ll leave the heavy lifting and further nyc private school love to nymag. xoxo, b.

Danny’s realization

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

(13:20:33) Dan Abramson: i only hang out with guys with facial hair
(13:20:37) Blake Stuchin: yeah i’ve noticed that
(13:20:43) Blake Stuchin: i wish i were that cool

lerman sets himself up for these things

Monday, January 14th, 2008

(15:23:58) Blake Stuchin: (14:24:30) Dave Lerman: i honestly think listening to mashups while i work makes me more productiv
(14:24:31) Dave Lerman: e
(14:24:58) Dave Lerman: it’s like work-out music…for my financial modeling
(15:21:38) Blake Stuchin: you are such a dork
(15:24:07) Matt Nowak: wow
(15:24:20) Blake Stuchin: plus he hyphenated workout, which is even more dorky
(15:24:31) Matt Nowak: indeed
(15:24:40) Blake Stuchin: gratuitous hyphenation is dorktastic

Elbridge Gerry was a Creative Politician

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Today while reading my James Madison book, I learned that the term gerrymandering was a press-coined term in response to congressman Elbridge Gerry’s redistricting of the state of Massachusetts in order to win reelection. Here’s a bit more on this, courtesty of Yahoo Answers:

“Gerrymandering, the redrawing of congressional districts to ensure that elections favor a particular political or ethnic group, has been around almost as long as the Constitution itself. The term was coined when Eldridge [sic] Gerry, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, sought to engineer his reelection as governor of Massachusetts in 1811 by rearranging voting districts so crudely that one resembled a salamander.”

Web2.0 Applications I Couldn’t Live Without

Friday, January 4th, 2008

I love Michael Arrington’s 2008 Web2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without list, so here’s mine in response. With the exception of Kayak, which is a lifesaver for trip planning but I only use it a few times a year, I use all of the items on this list daily. Some thoughts:

- Without Google, I’d basically be incapable of functioning
- And it’s really close to the same with SeamlessWeb, too
- I love Twitter even despite my failed efforts to get my friends to adopt it
- Speaking of one trick ponies, SimpleWeather is indispensible for its effortlessness
- As my regular readers know (hi sam!), my avid delicious use is far greater than my propensity for blogging
- Blogger, Picnik and Flickr are the backbone of this blog, although that will likely change in 2008
- At times, woot! is as much responsible for my lack of sleep as business school applications

Clear eyes, full hearts, nickname envy

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

(14:50:23) Dave Lerman: what would it take for me to earn the nickname “Smash”?
(14:50:40) Dave Lerman: or anything that sounds remotely like an American Gladiator?

Wanted: NFL Coordinator. Experience with Scoring Touchdowns a Plus

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

“The touchdown-challenged Bills scored only 20 offensive touchdowns this season, a record low for a 16-game season. The previous low was 22 offensive TDs in 1985. They scored 252 points, second-fewest ever for the team in a 16-game season, and finished with 248 first downs, also the second-fewest. The 2003 Bills scored 243 points, while the 2006 club amassed 234 first downs.”
Link: “Offense came up short” via The Buffalo News

Updates coming

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

New year, new look to the blog. I’m working on some updates to the site itself, mostly to better delineate the blog posts from the secondary material in the columns. Bear with me as I sort these out slowly.

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