Sam learns something new every day

(12:38:29) Sam Podos: i just learned something mind blowing
(12:38:31) Sam Podos: do you know why Duane Reade is called Duane Reade?
(12:38:46) Blake Stuchin: the original location is on Duane and Reade streets
(12:38:48) Sam Podos: YES
(12:38:51) Blake Stuchin: i’ve been
(12:39:04) Sam Podos: wow
(12:39:06) Blake Stuchin: it’s quite convenient
(12:39:16) Sam Podos: this is almost as good as the time i learned that PO box stands for Post Office box
(12:39:25) Blake Stuchin: and we have a new blog post

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