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You know how the NFL has those flex games in the schedule to ensure that the Sunday night game late in the season is always the best matchup of the week? The same should be done for Gus Johnson. Gus Johnson is the best announcer in sports, and just about every blogger, columnist, and blogger-slash-columnist whose work I care about agrees with me. Unlike the expected blandness that we get from most announcers, Gus Johnson’s genuine enthusiasm is a joy to hear.

Thankfully, Gus is covering the Davidson game tonight, and by the looks of it the Wildcats are going to win, meaning that we’re getting a full dose of Gus Johnson Excited Voice. But for future Tourney games, why not book him on whatever the biggest game is of the night, and if that game turns out to be a dud, make him watch the better game on satellite and have him scream while calling the feed? Texas-Stanford getting close? Call in Gus Johnson!

He can even do spot duty. When Western Kentucky pulled close to UCLA in the second half last night, Gus could have been there. When UCLA finally put the game away, return to the regular announcers. Or just keep Gus. He’s better anyway.

Absurd? Yes. Awesome? Kinda.


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