Sort of defending Marc Ecko

Designer Marc Ecko bought the Barry Bonds 756 ball and is asking the world to vote to decide what to do with it, offering the option to send it to Cooperstown, stick an asterisk on it and send it to Cooperstown, or send the ball into outer space.

Before getting all huffy about Bonds’ breaking the record, let’s consider a few things…

  • Virtually every single player in the game during the 1980’s was taking stimulants (they call them “greenies”) before every game. The phrase for players who did not take uppers before games is “playing naked”
  • Ed Walsh, the Hall of Famer with the lowest ERA of all time, threw spitballs, which of course have since been outlawed, although that didn’t stop Gaylord Perry from throwing illegally them throughout the 1970s and pitching his way into the Hall in the process.
  • There was an era in this game when pitchers were expected to throw so that players could put the ball in play. The league batting average in 1894 was .309.
  • In 1973, Yankee pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swapped wives. This must have made an impact somehow.

I already voted weeks ago to send the ball to Cooperstown as is.

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