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In an effort to re-find my blogging voice now that I’m out of the woods from GMAT-land, my early New Year’s resolution is to write one post a day. I’ll begin with my journey into the life of James Madison, a founding father about whom I know very little.

I finished The Accidental Investment Banker this afternoon so I’ve started my James Madison biography that I got from The New York Times. Through 6 pages, I’ve learned that Madison was short even by standards in those days (he was 5′4, literally about a foot shorter than Washington, for whom he ghostwrote many speeches and letters during our first President’s two terms) and that he was terribly shy and not good at public speaking. What I know already is that the guy was maybe the most prolific legislator of his day, if not ever, not to mention the person probably most responsible for the creation of the three branches of government, so I’m eager to find out how he was so effective if he had neither the capacity to speak up nor the ability to be heard should that capacity have been developed. Should be a fun read.


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