The Points List

Like many people, I sometimes respond to things that I like by saying “that gets points in my book.” In lieu of a book, here’s my first attempt at a blog post of Things People Do That Get Points from me. Bear in mind that there’s no point value or scale to these, just the ambiguous “Points” or “Slightly Fewer Points.”

– Being able to play Ultimate (slightly fewer points: being able to throw a Frisbee)
– Ability to drive a tractor and willingness to teach me
– Love of rock music, particularly live
– Being on Twitter (slightly fewer points: knowing what Twitter is)
– Voting
– Displaying an interest in the history of American presidents, particularly Teddy Roosevelt
– Passion
– Having a blog
– Reading mine
– Liking the film Slackers
– Excellent abilites with building sandcastles and/or snowmen
– Harboring a belief that any of the following bands represented the most significant musical movement of the last twenty years: Nirvana, Radiohead, Beck (slightly fewer points: being able to articulate an eloquent argument why you disagree with that statement)
– Insightful debate
– Demonstrated interest in web2.0 services
– A paid subscription to (slightly fewer points: regularly reading
– Smiling at strangers
– Avid readership of any of the following journalists and/or blogs: Bill Simmons, Chuck Klosterman, King Kaufman, Whitney Matheson, Deadspin, 100% Injury Rate)
– Daydrinking
– Excellent grammar, particularly with semicolons
– Being a fan of the Buffalo Bills
– A desire to attend events simply because they seem odd, unusual, or totally random
– Laughing at my jokes
– Getting my jokes and laughing at how not funny they are
– Genuineness
– Enjoying ice and/or rock climbing
– Possession of a bartending license
– Ownership of your own bowling ball
– Knowledge of any martial art, particularly the type where you can break bricks with a bare hand
– Cooking skills
– Knife skills
– Foosball skills

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