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‘Cause you gotta have goals

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

(10:25:17) Blake Stuchin: btw - my goal [with my blog] is to become prolific enough to be blocked by your corporate firewall
(10:25:20) Blake Stuchin: that’s when i’ll know i’ve made it
(10:26:18) Dave Lerman: Just use a blogspot URL and you’ll be golden
(10:26:24) Dave Lerman: Or become a porn site
(10:26:28) Blake Stuchin: too easy
(10:26:30) Blake Stuchin: i wanna earn this

what’s in a name

Monday, January 28th, 2008

(15:05:45) Dave Lerman: question
(15:05:52) Dave Lerman: do you think of me as a “david” or a “dave”
(15:06:04) Blake Stuchin: lerman

lerman sets himself up for these things

Monday, January 14th, 2008

(15:23:58) Blake Stuchin: (14:24:30) Dave Lerman: i honestly think listening to mashups while i work makes me more productiv
(14:24:31) Dave Lerman: e
(14:24:58) Dave Lerman: it’s like work-out music…for my financial modeling
(15:21:38) Blake Stuchin: you are such a dork
(15:24:07) Matt Nowak: wow
(15:24:20) Blake Stuchin: plus he hyphenated workout, which is even more dorky
(15:24:31) Matt Nowak: indeed
(15:24:40) Blake Stuchin: gratuitous hyphenation is dorktastic

Clear eyes, full hearts, nickname envy

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

(14:50:23) Dave Lerman: what would it take for me to earn the nickname “Smash”?
(14:50:40) Dave Lerman: or anything that sounds remotely like an American Gladiator?

bo knows ratings

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

On 10/3/07, David Lerman <> wrote:
Blake, you need to pitch a show to VH1:

Mike Tyson
Rampage Jackson
Gary Sheffield
Ray Lewis
Dennis Rodman (is he still alive?)
Yao Ming (the straight man)

These 6 guys live in a house for 45 days. Just record everything they say.

You can call it “The Flava of Batsh!t Crazy”

p.s. Wait, what time is it? Damn, there’s another one. Told ya.

On 10/3/07, Blake Stuchin wrote:
when i run the nfl network i’m going to have a Queer Eye/Pimp My Ride-type men’s grooming show hosted by Michael Irvin where he teaches regular guys how to be stylish by wearing quintuple breasted suits with 9 buttons and oversized neckties like the one that hugh grant wore in Two Weeks Notice

monday’s best of lerman

Monday, September 24th, 2007

(16:37:09) Dave Lerman: btw, i had my ipod touch on the train on friday. i think 3 girls had sex with me.

(16:41:27) Dave Lerman: you need to make a choice
(16:41:34) Dave Lerman: are you going with lower-case only, or not
(16:42:05) Dave Lerman: sept 21st: proper case
(16:42:13) Dave Lerman: sept 22nd: you’ve become e.e.cummings

The watch of champions

Monday, September 17th, 2007

(12:39:56) Blake Stuchin: what about sand
(12:40:04) Blake Stuchin: what if you had a watch with sand grains
(12:40:06) Blake Stuchin: that would work
(12:40:09) Dave Lerman: ooh, sand is good
(12:40:13) Blake Stuchin: and sand could be very in next fall
(12:40:16) Dave Lerman: i’d have to hold my arms steady
(12:40:18) Blake Stuchin: sand is the new black
(12:40:25) Dave Lerman: hahaha
(12:40:25) Blake Stuchin: that would improve strength
(12:40:27) Blake Stuchin: it’s a win-win
(12:40:35) Dave Lerman: it would be a statement
(12:40:44) Dave Lerman: i’m so masculine - i tell the time with DIRT
(12:41:05) Dave Lerman: i could have a computer based sun-dial outside with light phospors on a sensor that emails my blackberry every minute with the time
(12:41:10) Dave Lerman: granted, the bberry has a clock
(12:41:14) Dave Lerman: but that’s missing the point
(12:41:15) Blake Stuchin: any hedge fund guy can wear a normal watch, but only the smartest bankers can wear sand
(12:41:23) Dave Lerman: i like it

rules of new jersey

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Source: Ticketmaster

I just got a Ticketmaster alert that Bon Jovi is playing 4 dates at the Prudential Center in Newark. This presents a tough decision. Blake’s Rules of Life state that one should always make an effort to see Bon Jovi play live whenever he is playing in New Jersey, however the Rules also state that one must never go to Newark. This is a toughie. Lerman suggests I flip a NJ commemorative quarter.

Source: Forbes

In other news, Forbes has an interesting piece on the Top earning caddies in golf. Apparently Tiger’s caddie made $1.27 million last year and was given a $140,000 new Ford GT as a bonus. I realize that there’s a lot to it, but I can’t help but think that all this person does is walk and carry sticks for a living.

a hale & hearty birthday

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Matt, Sam, Ben, Bob, Bobbo, and I took Lerman to Hale & Hearty today to celebrate both (a) the end of the “Mac and Cheese and Beef Soup” February Monthly Special; and (b) Dave’s 25th birthday. The birthday boy was in good spirits and we all enjoyed our disease-inducing pseudo-soup. Who doesn’t love an event.

Clear eyes, clogged arteries, can’t lose.

dave lerman: our pillow paparazzo

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Source: Rocketboom

Holy media whore, Batman! Rocketboom’s video of the pillow fight features none other than our own i-banker-cum-gothamist-photog-whore Dave Lerman. Eat your heart out, Amanda Congdon.

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