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i am allen iverson

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

(10:16:25) Matt Nowak: i like friend of a farmer
(10:16:30) Matt Nowak: but only once and a while
(10:16:40) Blake Stuchin: friend of a farmer is impossible to just walk in to though
(10:16:49) Matt Nowak: not if you get there before 1130
(10:16:51) Blake Stuchin: like on a sunday when it’s nice out you might wait an hour+ for a table
(10:17:10) Blake Stuchin: yeah but we talkin bout brunch
(10:17:12) Blake Stuchin: not a meal
(10:17:14) Blake Stuchin: not a meal
(10:17:17) Blake Stuchin: we talkin bout brunch
(10:17:18) Blake Stuchin: brunch

It’s either that or Dishes

Monday, April 21st, 2008

(12:30:45) Blake Stuchin: wanna get a quick lunch?
(12:31:42) Justin Pattner: dude
(12:31:56) Justin Pattner: i keep on doing this and we haven’t gotten lunch together in a long time, but i can’t
(12:32:10) Blake Stuchin: no worries
(12:32:15) Blake Stuchin: wanna go to africa and climb kili instead?
(12:32:18) Blake Stuchin: we can get lunch there
(12:32:35) Justin Pattner: haha
(12:32:40) Justin Pattner: i think so brotha

But does it come with a juicebox?

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Here’s a doubly entertaining email that I received yesterday. Here are a few reasons why I find this thing so enjoyable:

  • It’s not even Earth Day yet
  • Even if it were, this is not 1991. Who still celebrates Earth Day?
  • There’s a unicorn in one of the lunchboxes
  • There’s another that’s actually a Bento box
  • This email reminds me that yes, I am on the mailing list
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