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xoxo, ad campaign

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

It’s coming kiddies… I saw these ads on the side of a bodega on my way to work this morning. Hollywood Reporter has some details on it. And while I doubt anyone around here is giving them a second thought, I’d love to know where else in the country the CW is running this campaign. You know you love me.


Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

i’m pretty sure gossip girl uses wordpress.

her blog’s heavy on rich media, sports nearly 100% RSS saturation (producing more vibrations on freshmen girls than a swiffer), and updates with the efficiency of a twitter addict at CES. Or Davos. and thank you faux Lycée Français for the open wi-fi that she’s tapping in to in order to fire off in-class updates. it’s a pretty robust platform, and yet totally possible. you don’t even need ues-level spending to build it.

so if gg can be moderately legit with their IT, why is it so hard to keep it real with the nyc? come on disembodied voice of kristen bell, why is your team shooting in cooper square and pretending like you’re next to a high school that’s clearly on 93rd between Park and Madison? it’s not like you don’t know better, gossip girl - you sent chuck to butai and referenced sake at decibel in the same episode. (at least you had the decency to keep your namechecks subtle; i’m running out of places in my neighborhood that i still like.) i’d dance on the nuances further, but i’ll leave the heavy lifting and further nyc private school love to nymag. xoxo, b.

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