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Wanted: NFL Coordinator. Experience with Scoring Touchdowns a Plus

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

“The touchdown-challenged Bills scored only 20 offensive touchdowns this season, a record low for a 16-game season. The previous low was 22 offensive TDs in 1985. They scored 252 points, second-fewest ever for the team in a 16-game season, and finished with 248 first downs, also the second-fewest. The 2003 Bills scored 243 points, while the 2006 club amassed 234 first downs.”
Link: “Offense came up short” via The Buffalo News

Airport fun

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Back from the BVI and way too tired to write a full post tonight. One piece of airport news, though. The TVs at the baggage claim at American Airlines get the NFL Network. We can’t even get the NFL Network on Time Warner. With Giants-Pats going on, tonight marked the first time ever I’ve actually not rushed to leave an airport.

Clemens steals page from OJ

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Forgive me for presuming guilt here, but Roger Clemens’ latest announcement following the announcement in The Mitchell Report that the 7 time Cy Young award winner used performance enhancing drugs is perhaps the most outlandish yet. According to ESPN, Clemens’ lead attorney has announced that they will be hiring a private team to investigate the findings themselves in order to clear Clemens’ good name. I’ll admit that The Mitchell Report reads like a document straight out of Salem, but what’s next? Rocket playing the OJ role, going to every golf course in the country in search of “the real steroid user?” Should we expect the next ten years to produce increasingly bizarre behavior from Roger Clemens? Be careful who you steal from Rocket, I hear OJ takes his stuff back.

Blogging Basketball

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Watching the Knicks-Magic game… In the span of 30 seconds, Walt Frazier called the Knicks’ and Magic’s centers “omnipotent in the paint,” then suggested that the fans were using Thunderstix to “bewitch” Dwight Howard. I like this new Knicks team, but I still cringe every time I see a cutaway to Isiah Thomas on the bench. And in ironic news, they now play “Bittersweet Symphony” on the organ at the Garden.

NFL coaches love the internet

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

On the heels of Herm Edwards comment earlier this year about how he doesn’t “even have the Internet, Andy Reid, dismissing rumors that he’s not focusing on coaching, attacked bloggers and coined the phrase “blog efficient.”

“I’m not blog efficient, but it sounds like people can be very creative there. That has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to make sure people understood that.”

I wonder what the reciprocal of the blog efficient is? I think it’s 4.

Link via Pro Football Talk

bo knows ratings

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

On 10/3/07, David Lerman <> wrote:
Blake, you need to pitch a show to VH1:

Mike Tyson
Rampage Jackson
Gary Sheffield
Ray Lewis
Dennis Rodman (is he still alive?)
Yao Ming (the straight man)

These 6 guys live in a house for 45 days. Just record everything they say.

You can call it “The Flava of Batsh!t Crazy”

p.s. Wait, what time is it? Damn, there’s another one. Told ya.

On 10/3/07, Blake Stuchin wrote:
when i run the nfl network i’m going to have a Queer Eye/Pimp My Ride-type men’s grooming show hosted by Michael Irvin where he teaches regular guys how to be stylish by wearing quintuple breasted suits with 9 buttons and oversized neckties like the one that hugh grant wore in Two Weeks Notice

More excitement about the All Intelligent Offense

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

(14:43:23) Dan Abramson: i just changed my fantasy team name to Trent Edwards ‘08

(14:44:57) Dan Abramson: who knows what’s gonna happen when he faces a real team on national television
(14:45:06) Dan Abramson: either way, i’m excited for a national bills game
(14:45:19) Blake Stuchin: wouldn’t it be sweet if they win
(14:45:24) Dan Abramson: amazing
(14:45:26) Blake Stuchin: and then for one week everyone we know can be excited for us

(14:46:31) Dan Abramson: we’ve been let down by the bills for more years than most of the players on the team
(14:46:53) Blake Stuchin: we’ve been let down by the bills for more years than most of the players on the team have been alive

Be true to your school just like you would to your girl

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

The Bills beat the Jets on Sunday for their first win of the season. The victory is made sweeter by the emergence of rookie studs Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch. Edwards went to Stanford, Lynch to Berkeley. They were drafted by Marv Levy, the Bills’ 82 year-old GM, who has a master’s in English from Harvard. I call them the All Intelligent Offense, which you’d find ironic if you’ve ever seen how Dick Jauron calls plays.

The Bills play the Cowboys on MNF this coming week, which will either be as painful as I expect it to be, or the best MNF game ever. Watch out Jerry Jones, our running back has cool hair, too.

p.s. Tony please say hi to Mr. Belding for me.

greg oden is such an adorably big dork

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Greg Oden, my favorite NBA player slash blogger who hasn’t played a regular season game yet, reports that he got a dog and named it Charles Barkley McLovin. The image of Oden and his new friend is particularly awesome. Man I wish Oden wasn’t out for the year. His blog is so awesome.

hope springs eternal

Monday, September 24th, 2007

(14:05:24) Blake Stuchin: also i like the all intelligent offense
(14:05:34) Blake Stuchin: edwards is a stanford guy and lynch is from berkley
(14:05:36) Blake Stuchin: this must be good
(14:05:37) Dan Abramson: yeah - stanford!
(14:05:42) Blake Stuchin: stanford is a big upgrade from tulane
(14:05:48) Blake Stuchin: how can this not work in our favor
(14:05:53) Dan Abramson: um, if you’ve ever seen an interview with lynch, you may take that comment back
(14:05:58) Blake Stuchin: yeah i know … he plays football
(14:06:18) Blake Stuchin: even if he maybe didn’t take the most strenuous courseload
(14:06:27) Blake Stuchin: if that were a blog post i’d link to andy katzenmoyer right now
(14:06:37) Blake Stuchin: who nearly failed golf at ohio state
(14:06:51) Dan Abramson: (nice)
(14:06:54) Blake Stuchin: and of course penny hardaway only barely passed TV when he played for nick nolte at western

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