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Facebook images now on blog

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008


I added a set of random images in the right sidebar. Because Facebook doesn’t offer users the ability to publish openly accessible RSS feeds of photos (booooo!), I had to do a bit of a hack job to make this work. All images were downloaded from my profile using FaceDown. I could have just re-uploaded them to WordPress right then using the new image uploader, but to be more efficient (I was importing around 150 photos), I uploaded a zip file to my server, unzipped the file in Putty, then brought the images into the Media Library using a handy WP importer plugin called Add from Server. The images themselves are then displayed with the sidebar widget in NextGen Gallery. And yes, I’m aware that this entire post was only interesting to about 7 people in the world, none of whom read this blog.

Digital breakup

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

First I ended a ten year relationship with DigitalDaze, now I’ve called it quits with Blogger after six generally awkward years. Farewell Blogger. You teased me with your easy setup many years ago, but over time you became unwieldy and frustrating, and you appear to be low on Big G’s list of products it’s using to take over the world. To the three of you who read this site regularly (hi Sam!), the look will be quite different, so give me a few days to get everything up and back to normal. The Wordpress importer took care of the posts, so at least the original content is all still there.

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